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COBRA: An optimized, semi-quantitative sampling scheme for surveying arthropod communities

Semi-quantitative sampling is one of the two main legs of the project

​The COBRA (for Conservation Oriented Biodiversity Rapid Assessment) protocol was originally proposed by Cardoso (2009), and consist of an optimal combinations of number of 1 hour effort samples samples using different collecting methods in a 1 ha plot.

COBRA is an scalable protocol. In this project we will implement the COBRA50 version, which is designed to collect 50% of the diversity in the sampling area.

COBRA 50 involves 12 hours of direct sampling and 12 x 4 pitfalls in 1Ha plots.

The actual number of samples and collecting methods per plot is shown in a Table below.​Pitfalls will be active for 2 weeks.

​We will sample two plots in Aigüestortes, Ordesa in Q. humilis forests, and 4 in Picos, 2 in Q. humilis x Q. faginea forests and 2 Q. petraea forests.

​Click here to find more information on COBRA


Cardoso, P (2009) Standardization and optimization of arthropod inventories—the case of iberian spiders. Biodiversity and Conservation, 18, 3949-3962

a: aerial

b: beating
g: ground

s: sweeping
d: day
n: night

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